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How Much Cheaper it is to Buy a Home in Vancouver When Algerians Build

March 4, 2015

The fact that Vancouver is the most expensive city in Canada is quite evident as housing affordability in Vancouver is becoming an issue with many people. According to a recent report, Vancouver has the 2nd least unfavorable housing market world over. This is because house builders have to put up with a very strenuous budget if they really want to build a dream house. This is the cause of new building codes.

"The recently implemented changes in Vancouver building have raised the costs of building a house", says the CEO of Vancouver Home Builders Association, Bob de Wit. He continues to say that there are more things now than before which are supposed to be paid for. Some of them are quite new and unimaginable. These these properties codes relate to new technological equipment among other things that a new house there should have. They include:

1) A ban on door knobs
2) Wider hallways
3) A custom-able washroom on the main floor

Apparently, these items are designed to make homes in Vancouver more sustainable and livable. Sadly, these items will come at an extra cost and most people may not be willing or able to pay for them. With these new codes, there is a price difference of between $20, 000 and $40, 000 to build a similar house in Vancouver that you would build in any other city in Canada. 

Which's the Solution?

Buy a house built by Algerians. Whether you are looking for a home in the Prime Downtown Location, Vancouver, BC or in a lush serene environment in the outskirts of the city, Algerians have them all. But, their new-build houses are much more affordable. On the other hand, Algerians are more affordable when dealing with new house projects. They do a house project cleanly within the stipulated time. In simple terms, they are convenient, reliable and efficient.

Those are very rare factors to find in any construction company in Vancouver. Most especially recently after the Vancouver’s city council approved new codes for building a house. It requires an established building company to complete a typical home project without hick ups here and there. 

Algerians are smooth to deal with. They never charge excessively on cost. Generally, they are the most convenient guys to hire for your home project in Vancouver. For instance, most houses on sale in Vancouver fall at a rather expensive median price of $275, 000. But houses built by Algerians or houses on sale by Algerians are about 5% to 7% cheaper.